Sustainable Agriculture Conference?!


I am kind of miffed that I just found out about this conference. And I’m only miffed ( see also; annoyed and/or disappointed) because its happening next weekend and there is no way for me to make arrangements to go such an exciting conference here on the east coast.

The good news is that they have had 31 of these conferences in the past, so I’m confidant that when next year rolls around I will be keeping an eye out for it. For those of you who might see this in time, here is the link to the conference page so you can get more information. (Also here is the PDF brochure of the whole conference if you want to just read that, with all the classes and speakers et cetera.) It’s happening in Durham, North Carolina and honestly, just reading about all the food they will be eating is not only making me jealous, but hurting my feelings a little bit.

So! If anyone goes,  I will be keeping an eye out on social media looking for great pictures and all the amazing information everyone will be sharing next weekend!



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