A whirlwind

A whirlwind is really maybe the only way that I can accurately describe the last few months. I almost can’t believe how much has happened in what is relatively a short amount of time! I am so behind in blogging and keeping up with my homestead story, for which I can only say that I’m sorry. So bare with me and I will do some recapping here.

So, in the months since my last post and video, I have been doing some consulting work on a farm in my area, and am working on getting a secondary consulting job on a farm that might turn into a more permanent management position. I have done so much farm/homesteading work, which is really exciting and I have lots of stories and lessons to share as well as some blog posts coming that are really going to bring some, what I feel like, are really important issues for homesteaders.

So now I’d like to address why I was so busy. Too busy to blog and get pictures up, but rest assured that homesteading is on my mind pretty much around the clock.

Now, I know that this was a shocking five months ago, but if anyone here has watched my Youtube video, you would have heard me talk about my going to school for sustainable agriculture from a really great university. Well, that had to be put on hold, and that in and of itself is a really, long story and probably a whole separate blog post. But I still have school plans, and will talk about that later on.

What I didn’t talk about in my video was the fact that my husband and I were having a wedding this past October, just in time for Hurricane Matthew. Let me just start off by saying, that I love my husband. So much so that when he said he reaaaaaally wanted a wedding, well, I reluctantly agreed. lol the wedding we had…well that is also another blog post. One that probably wont happen, unless you want my list of why you should skip having a wedding. But hubby and I survived it and now things are starting to move along for our homestead plans.

If you are in suburbia like we are, transitioning and making your dreams come to fruition is a long and often bumpy road. Unless you have the money to just pick up and move everything, (pssst, we don’t & I would assume most don’t.) then it is a long process, it’s really just two steps forward, one step back, one more step back, one step forward, et cetera. So we are not discouraged, we knew it would be a while before things would be placed on a fast track and feel like they are taking off.

The fast track we are on, or that I think we’re on is my husband’s career change. He’s applying out of state for a job that will put us somewhere in the south and it will be a surprise! So we could end up in Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia or Florida. So I am just really excited for a new change of pace because I feel that this is going to be a huuuuuge step forward for our homesteading lifestyle. I will of course keep you updated on that.

The next few months will be a matter of getting ready to leave the place we live now.

So for now, I’m going to go get together some of the homestead topics I’ve been eager to write about, and  I’ll definitely start getting those out sooner than later.

I’d just like to thank everyone for their patience, and I’m really happy to get to be back and reshift my focus back onto homesteading.





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