An Introduction

I am about to embark on an exciting adventure. This isn’t something that is about to instantly materialize for me, not unless I hit the lottery of course. It will be hard work, both physical and for the time being now, mostly mental and emotional. So at 28 years old, I am making the push to start my journey to the homestead. I feel like I’m starting a little late in life, but I’ve had so many hurdles up until now, I don’t want to give myself too hard a time about it.

For now, this blog is a journal of life experiences that will lead me to my homestead life. I already have a bit of garden, farm and homesteading experience. Which I am so grateful to have as it will give me an edge going into all of this. So I’ll be writing posts and making videos and tutorials to explain things that I feel bring value to those who are looking to homestead as well as document my own journey.

One thing that is another huge advantage is that during this year, I’ll be attending school to get my associates degree in sustainable food and farming. This means that I’ll be able to share many of those lessons (ones that I’m paying for! $$$) here on my blog, and on Youtube, so I can better educate those who are looking for more in depth reasoning into all areas of what makes a homestead successfully function.

I know that attending school for homesteading isn’t a necessity, and I’ve really weighed a lot of the pros and cons to going for a degree, and truly, its taken me a long time to come to this decision. But I think that for me, it’ll answer a lot of questions and give me some background to the science behind a lot of what I’ll be doing.

So for now, I’ll leave you with this. I suppose sometime soon, I’ll type up an ‘About Me’ so you guys can check out my qualifications. Thanks for reading!



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